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Family Law & Divorce

Once you make an appointment to consult with one of our experienced attorneys, as a valued client we will discuss with you background information of our firm, your legal issues, applicable laws, regulations, and rules as they pertain to your case.  We will then devise a case strategy and set forth the procedures, timetables, and fee structure.  It is our job to treat you as an individual with an individual problem, guiding you through the necessary steps, always keeping in mind your issues, goals, and what you ultimately desire in your legal matter.  Additionally, our firm remains accessible when the ends are achieved for any future legal needs.

    *For your convenience we have provided links on domestic relations resources in the following sections.  However, we encourage you to first make an appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss your legal matter.


What To Expect: A Divorce Chronology    

Distribution of Marital Property                         

Credit and Divorce : From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Covers the impact of a divorce on individual and joint accounts.

Can You Believe . . . ? Divorce Statistics


Replacing Custody Battles With Parenting Plans (Article)

Reestablishing and Increasing Visitation (Article)

Child Support

PA State Collection and Disbursement Unit : An agency responsible for the receipt and disbursement of child support related obligations.

Click HERE to learn more about Child Support.  What is support?  How does support action begin?  How can you prepare yourself for a support case?

Child Support Estimator

Protection from Abuse

Know the Laws: Protection from Abuse

You can find additional information on Domestic Relations by clicking on the links below. The links will lead you to the Domestic Relations websites of various counties across central Pennsylvania . Simply click on the county in which you live in and view the different services that your county's Domestic Relations office has to offer.

Berks    Cumberland    Dauphin   Franklin   Juniata   Lancaster    Perry    Schuylkill    York


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